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Motion & Light Sensor

Our man-seeking technology will detect your movement in the night and automatically light up the toilet bowl.

Choose From 8 Colours

Choose from the 8 colours available. Set to your favourite colour or set to random, or as we call, disco mode.

Fits Any Standard Toilet

Our engineering team has spent a lot of time around the bowl to ensure the Don't Miss Mate will fit your throne.

Isaac Butterfield x Don't Miss Mate

"I'll never piss again without it." - Isaac Butterfield


How long till I get my order?

The estimated time of delivery is 3 - 7 days after purchase. Australia Post is currently experiencing significant delays across the country. This is due to the high volume of parcels being sent in combination with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions/requirements. As a result, this has created an immense backlog in their New South Wales and Victoria facilities. Because this is an issue on Australia Post’s end, we are unfortunately not in control of any delivery delays or extended processing times on their part. We want to assure you that your order should still get to you safely.

How do I turn on the Don't Miss Mate light?

With our man-seeking technology, the Don't Miss Mate will detect any movement and automatically light up the toilet bowl, keeping your stream and manhood in check.

Will the Don't Miss Mate turn on during the day?

No. The light sensor allows the Don't Miss Mate to know when its dark, and only light up the bowl when it's most needed at night.

How often will I need to change the batteries for the Don't Miss Mate?

Due to the fact that the Don't Miss Mate only lights up automatically when needed at night, your device will last on one set of batteries for a long damn time. We can't tell you an exact time, because we don't know how often you piss.