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If you're tired of bright bathroom lights ruining your sleep or a wet, unhygienic toilet seat every morning - the Don't Miss Mate is for you! 

The Don't Miss Mate ensures that you never miss the mark again. 

  • Motion Activated Light
  • Adjustable Colors and Brightness
  • Bonus Scented Fragrance
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting
  • Waterproof and Hygienic
  • Versatile and Fun
  • Ideal as a Gift

    Customer Reviews

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    Kindra Stothers
    Ordered 2 !

    These are so cool and worth the price
    Love the different colours and simple to use
    Shipping was fast , thank you much love from 🇨🇦

    Joey Ricketts
    Love it!!

    exactly what's written on the tin, I've actually now gotton rid of my night light in the toilet and just use this,very happy and glad I bought three which will keep things going for a while

    Toilet light

    Great idea. This light is perfect for those occasions where a night visit to the toilet happens. Just enough light to make sure you hit the target.
    Highly recommend

    Philip Roehl
    Cool, but short chord

    Im living in Germany and both of my German standard toilets have a too big edge where you hang it in the toilet, the bowl is just too big, so the effect is a little bit less than in the ad clip. But I like it anyway, thank you


    Great Love it .

    Motion & Light Sensor

    Our man-seeking technology will detect your movement in the night and automatically light up the toilet bowl.

    Choose From 8 Colours

    Choose from the 8 colours available. Set to your favourite colour or set to random, or as we call, disco mode.

    Fits Any Standard Toilet

    Our engineering team has spent a lot of time around the bowl to ensure the Don't Miss Mate will fit your throne.

    Dont Miss Mate Toilet Light

    Never Miss A Piss In The Dark Again

    Avoid the morning clean-up, and get a full night's sleep.

    No More Night Time Mess!

    Let us be the light that guides your stream!

    No more blinding lights, morning clean ups and unhappy partners.

    Never miss a piss in the dark again!

    Questions We Get A Bit!

    How long till I receive my order?

    The estimated time of delivery is 3 - 7 days after purchase.

    Express Shipping is available for all regions in Australia with an expected delivery between 1-3 days.

    Please note: Although Australia Post quote us these expected delivery times, sometimes life happens and they aren’t able to deliver within this timeframe. When this is the case, your tracking number may show a ‘delayed’ delivery date. 

    How do I turn it on in the middle of the night?

    Our man-seeking technology does this for you. The Don't Miss Mate will detect any movement and automatically light up the toilet bowl, keeping your stream and manhood in check.

    Does it waste battery during the day?

    No. The light sensor allows the Don't Miss Mate to know when its dark, and only light up the bowl when it's most needed at night.

    How often will I need to change the batteries?

    Due to the fact that the Don't Miss Mate only lights up automatically when needed at night, your device will last on one set of batteries for a long damn time. We can't tell you an exact time, because we don't know how often you piss.